Various Breads & Dips


Rye, wholegrain, corn, olive bread

5,40 €

Gluten-free Bread

2,90 €

Tzatziki Mousse

With dill powder and dehydrated cucumber.

5,40 €


With dehydrated onions and virgin olive oil.

5,40 €




Greek Salad

With cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onions, teardrop peppers, feta cheese puree and caper sponge.

9,20 €

Octopus Salad

Octopus, bulgur (couscous), cherry tomatoes, teardrop peppers, caper, dill, grilled nori and mango dressing.

13,90 €

Vegan Salad

Red beans, seasonal vegetables, black sesame, goji berry and orange.

8,40 €

Cold & warm Appetizers


Pita Falafel

With kourou dough, chickpeas, tomato mousse, salt foam, pink pepper and parsley oil.

7,20 €

Aubergine with Gazpacho sauce

Aubergine (eggplant), gazpacho, mozzarella sphere, basil pesto, fresh basil and tomato sponge.

10,90 €

Panna Cotta feta

Feta cheese, semi-dried tomato, maple syrup, black olives oil and granola parsley.

8,90 €

Sea bass Ceviche

Teardrop peppers, orange, onions, lime.

12,90 €

Sauteed Shrimp

Served with sautéed vegetables (onions/peppers/mushroom), feta and soy mousse.

15,90 €

Grilled Octopus

Served with chickpeas puree, onions, rocket, crumble parsley and our homemade vinaigrette sauce.

14,90 €

Sauteed Squid

Served with gazpacho sauce, feta puree, peppers, basil pesto, rocket, fresh basil and salt foam.

15,90 €

Tart Beef Carpaccio

Beef fillet with parmesan flakes, tart, Dijon mustard, rocket, parmesan cream, olive oil and lemon caviar.

18,90 €

panericuisine vegam ravioli signature menu

Main Courses


Vegan Ravioli

Dough with beetroot, stuffed with chickpeas and vegetables, peppers, parsley oil and coconut sauce.


Shrimp/Mizithra Ravioli

Aegean shrimps, greek cheese (mizithra), parmesan cream, fresh mint and shellfish broth.

18.60 €

Braised Sea Bass Fillet

Served with cauliflower puree, peas, parsley oil, and tomato sauce.

19.30 €

Chicken Fillet Ballotine

Sous vide (66°) chicken fillet, stuffed with spinach/mozzarella/prosciutto, pea puree, saffron bulgur, chutney fig and Béarnaise sauce.

17.50 €

Lamb Shank

Sous vide lamb shank, served with potato puree, mini artichokes, parmesan cream and demi-glace sauce.

21.90 €

Beef Cheeks

Served with carrots puree, parmesan cream, local greens and demi-glace sauce.

24.90 €

Lobster Tagliatelle

Shellfish broth.

49.90 €

Our Sweet Desserts

Lava Brownie

Served with caramelized peanuts, hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream quenelle, honeycomb, dark chocolate syrup, whipped cream and chutney strawberry.


Sweet Touch

Elastic chocolate ganache, sesame with honey (melekouni), cheese mousse, strawberry coulis and mint syrup.