Various Breads & Dips


Rye, Wholegrain, Corn, Olive Bread

4,80 €

Gluten-free Bread

2,90 €

Tzatziki Mousse

With dill powder and dehydrated cucumber.

4,80 €

Hummus Mousse

With dehydrated onions and virgin olive oil.

4,80 €




Greek Salad

With cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onions, teardrop peppers, feta cheese puree and caper sponge.

8,40 €

Octopus Salad

Octopus, bulgur (couscous), cherry tomatoes, teardrop peppers, caper, dill, grilled nori and mango dressing.

13,90 €

Shrimp Salad (Ceviche)

Iceberg, purple cabbage, valerian, cherry tomatoes, strawberry chutney.

Sesame with Honey & Rhodian Cheese Salad

Rocket, spinach, beetroot sesame & honey, rhodian cheese.

Vegan Salad

Red beans, seasonal vegetables, black sesame, goji berry and orange.

13,90 €

8,90 €

7,90 €

Cold & Warm Appetizers


Sauteed Chickpeas Creamy Mushrooms

Tomato chips, onion, fennel, dried olives.

6,90 €


Zucchini, tomato, onion, pepper, eggplant, vegan béchamel, salt foam, Neapolitan sauce

Mashed Potatoes Balsamic Caviar

Butter cream & lime, graviera Rhodian cheese tuile, dill, tomato foam.

8,90 €

7,20 €

Panna Cotta feta

Feta cheese, semi-dried tomato, maple syrup, black olives oil and granola parsley.

8,20 €

Sea Bass Ceviche

Teardrop peppers, coriander, orange, onions, lime.

10,90 €

Grilled Octopus

Chickpea puree, vinaigrette rocket,
crumble parsley, onions, espouma tomato.

13,90 €

Fried Squid

Slow cook greens, tomato sponge, rocket, fresh basil, and aioli cream.

15,90 €

Chicken Sausage

Espuma feta, tomato/apple chutney, pinsa.

9,90 €

Beef Carpaccio

Beef fillet, myzithra cheese, graviera Rhodian cheese cream, turmeric oil, rocket, lemon caviar.

15,90 €

panericuisine vegam ravioli signature menu

Main Courses


Vegan Ravioli

Dough with beetroot, stuffed with chickpeas and vegetables, peppers, parsley oil and coconut sauce.


Shrimp/Mizithra Lasagna

Rhodian cheese mizithra, Rhodian graviera cream, fresh mint, shellfish broth, lime foam.

Salmon Fillet

Cauliflower/carrot puree, local greens, tartar sauce.

16,90 €

17,50 €

Sea Bass Fillet Sauteed

Zucchini, potato, carrot, tomato foam, lobster sauce.

17,30 €

Chicken Fillet Ballotine

Fried baby potatoes, stuffed spinach/mozzarella/ prosciutto, pea puree, chutney fig, turmeric sauce.

15,90 €

Lamb Shank

Potato puree, Rhodian graviera cream, sauteed chickpeas, demi-glace sauce.

19,90 €

Beef Ragu (slow cooked)

Carrots, baby potato, shallot, Rhodian graviera cream, beef broth sauce.

19,90 €

Lobster Tagliatelle

Shellfish broth.

39,90 €

Kids Menu


Pizza Small Size 20cm


5,90 €

Chicken Nuggets

French Fries

5,90 €

Fish Sticks

French Fries

5,90 €

Pasta Tagliatelle

options: plain / cheese /tomato sauce

5,90 €


Lava Brownie

Served with caramelized peanuts, vanilla ice cream quenelle, honeycomb, chocolate syrup, peanuts sponge, hazelnuts, mousse strawberry.
7,90 €

Sweet Touch

sweet cherry tomatoes, lemon sorbet, crème anglaise, lime foam, orange chips, cookie crumble.

7,90 €

Apple Jelly

Served with vanilla ice cream quenelle, graviera mousse, cocoa granola, caramel cream, fresh mint.

7,90 €